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Freepaper: SHITPAPER #3

Posted in Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Lettering by kentaro terajima on 18/10/2012

A Barcelona based free-paper. It is a print-media which is focused on the use in the toilet. The content is related in the activity in the toilet, and the main topic of the third issue is labyrinth. The introduction text is chosen by Sonia Fernández Pan. (esnorqueluna palabra por diatubealloys) It can work as a small window in toilet after reading as many bathroom in Barcelona are small and have no windows.


Paper craft // sign-module

Posted in Lettering, Typography by kentaro terajima on 04/07/2012

This book-like paper craft kit contains a frame structure, black modules and yellow modules.

Changing black and yellow modules makes a letter.

It covers all of capital letters, lower case letters and numbers. (even more creative signs are possible!)

The kit is not built, so first people who bought it have to build the all structure and modules, then can make letters. (with friendly instructions)

It was a project with Raquel Quevedo as Armandos.

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