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Binding experiment: Abend specimen

Posted in Book binding, Editorial Design, Typography by kentaro terajima on 14/02/2012

It was a project in bookbinding course.

The idea was to experiment the relation of expression/perception of pages and bookbinding.

The book has 2 parts; one part has folded paper which includes a phrase crossing 8 pages, and another part has normal booklet bindings.

I tried to express a sequence with a continuation in first part with a folding paper and a separation in second part with normal booklets.

I made a white and a black book used different paper and print but the contents are same.


Freepaper: SHITPAPER

Posted in Editorial Design by kentaro terajima on 14/02/2012

A Barcelona based free-paper.

It is a print-media which is focused on the use in the toilet.

The content is related in the activity in the toilet, and the main topic of the first issue is thinking. The text is written by Sonia Fernández Pan. (esnorqueluna palabra por diatubealloys)

It can work as a small window in toilet after reading as many bathroom in Barcelona are small and have no windows.

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Band visual image: Stand up against heart crime

Posted in Graphic Design by kentaro terajima on 14/02/2012

A visual image of a Barcelona based band Stand up against heart crime.

The image is inspired by their electronic and melancholic sound.

I made a gridded paper screen combined the chinese letter four four times.(Left image)

Letters appear when some rooms are shielded.

Any letter can be drawn but the S is approved this time.

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