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Font: abend

Posted in Typography by kentaro terajima on 25/08/2011

Logos and typefaces for abend and abendkollektiv.

abend is a techno music dance party in Tokyo which have been since 1999.

abendkollektiv is their label since 2011.

The typeface inspired from 30s-40s German type in newspaper titles.


*Pictures: a publication in ARTECORREO(RM, 2011 Mexico city / Barcelona // Book designed by Maru Calva)

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Irregular pattern generator

Posted in Graphic Design, Typography by kentaro terajima on 24/08/2011

A project of making patterns with typing.

Each typed letter corresponds a piece of a pattern, so any kind of text generates an irregular pattern.

There are 3 versiones.

Samples are layered by all caps and small caps versions with same text. (Sample 1 and 3: with all caps and small caps, sample 2: with all caps)




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Font supplement: Orator supplement

Posted in Typography by kentaro terajima on 11/08/2011

Small case letters and old style figures to set with a monospaced typeface Orator.
Although the concept of Orator was originally made to set with Caps and small caps to have clear letter shapes for IBM typewriter, against its concept, the idea of this project is to set in small case letters to use for some sentences, more than words. We don’t read so much text set with small caps nowadays, so it can be difficult to read a text set only in small caps even it has clear letter shapes.

Original Slanted style is literally just slanted. Slanted letters in this supplement are refined shapes.

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