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Font: 06RM & 12 RM

Posted in Typography by kentaro terajima on 08/06/2010

This project is focused on the typesetting in Ryumin M-KL which is one of the most popular font for texts in Japanese.

Often the typesetting in Japanese fonts with some words in roman alphabets has problems to make the set well fitted. This project is to solve those problems.

There are 2 versions which are for uses in around 6pt and around 12pt. 06RM also works well in small-size European type-setting.

Problems in mixed typesetting

Japanese letters don’t have concepts of the ascender, the descender and the x-height, and generally set centered and in mono-space. So that the mixed typesetting with roman alphabets always have a problem that words are outstanding too much in the sentence. The graphic below shows what will happen in mixed typesetting.

How to solve the problems

To fit in Japanese type settings, it is required that the letters are wide and have a high x-height and short ascender and descender.

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